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Dog trainers do more than train your dog

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Training dogs covers a small portion of our job as dog trainers, we do much more for families than obedience. A well-behaved dog is important, but there is so much more to dog guardianship. A dog trainer can turn families on to the savvier sides of having a dog. It is not easy taking care of another species, dog trainers provide insight and support that pet parents need to thrive with dog companionship. A trainer’s experience can also help them see into the future to prepare you for events that haven’t happened yet.

Just like you don’t need a mental illness to benefit from therapy, you don’t need to have a major problem to benefit from a dog trainer. You might want to increase your dog’s quality of life by adding more enrichment to their routine. Your dog could have low level anxiety throughout the day that isn’t causing any disruption to your day, but you want information to simply help your dog feel like their best self.

One of the biggest things clients get from having a dog trainer is support. New dog handlers are questioning whether this or that is going to be the best decision for their pup, and having a dog trainer in your pocket can help alleviate that decision fatigue. Or maybe you had a training slip up and you need to reach out to someone that understands. We are only human but a good dog trainer should make you feel heard and supported when having difficulties with your dog. I go the extra mile to be available to my clients when they need me.

A dog trainer can help you see what is and isn’t enriching for your individual dog. For example, dog parks are very enriching for some dogs and extremely stressful for others. Getting that read on how your dog is feeling is a dog trainer’s specialty. We also have some extra enrichment activities up our sleeves that many handlers don’t think about that could be beneficial alternatives to the standard activities that your dog isn’t enjoying.

red and white american staffordshire terrier puppy in harness
Adopting a puppy?

Dog trainers are helpful before you have the dog as well. You can hire a trainer to come with you to evaluate a rescue dog you are interested in and help you decide if they are a good fit. A trainer can also help you prepare your house for an incoming puppy. Crate location, toy choices, and routines are very important when bringing a new dog into the house and having a professional look over your plan to fill in the gaps can save a lot of headaches.

Dog trainers do more than train your dog, we educate you about the behavior, emotions and needs of your pup. If you think you can benefit from a dog trainer helping you, send an email now and we can work together to find out what your needs are.

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